User Experience Conference in Lisbon

UXLx began in 2009 and is an established four-day User Experience event scheduled for 21-24 May 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal. This conference is designed for a wide range of professionals including User Experience Practitioners, Designers, Information Architects, and Usability Practitioners. It serves as a gathering for approximately 500 professionals from various parts of the world. The event has historically seen participation from over 40 different countries.

The agenda for UXLx 2024 includes 10 keynote speeches and a mix of workshops, featuring 2 full-day and 20 half-day sessions. These workshops are designed to offer hands-on experience and the latest insights in the field of user experience. The speakers, ranging from established authors to emerging voices in the industry, aim to share knowledge and practices that attendees can apply in their professional roles.

The UXLx conference is organised and curated by Bruno Figueiredo.

Bookmarks for UXLx