Ramadan in Lisbon

This documentary was a part of IndieLisboa, the independent film festival and I got to see it sunday, 12th. It's a work by Amaya Sumpsy, Catarina Alves … Read more

Reputation and Culture Unsplash LogoJohn Cameron Read more

The Quadriga Mistery

Story time, come sit by the fire and hear the tale of 143 million dollars. The founder of Quadriga, a company that trades CryptoCoins, died. With him, the … Read more

Happy Social Media Birthday!

If you wanted to wish someone a Happy Birthday, in the age of social media, how would you do it? And how many different ways can you think of to send a … Read more


One Analytics to Rule Them All

Unsplash LogoHenri L. The notes below apply if you run a small web design studio that needs to assure a good level of service to your clients with the most … Read more

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do

Let me tell you a story. A while back my computer died. The hard drive was failing and it wouldn’t boot up past a blank screen with a folder icon. … Read more

Learn to code (For Kids)

For a change, I am going to bundle these simple things together. Code Club Here you can teach your kids a number of new … Read more


The Importance of Proving Authority

Summary Everyone has a right to write and discuss anything they wish, within the boundaries of human rights. Publishing platforms, like Medium, work to … Read more


Christmas 2018

pannellum.viewer("panorama", { "type": "equirectangular", "panorama": "WxPP87_flat.jpg", "showControls": true, "autoLoad": true, "author": "Bruno Amaral", … Read more


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