The Quadriga Mistery

Story time, come sit by the fire and hear the tale of 143 million dollars. The founder of Quadriga, a company that trades CryptoCoins, died. With him, the … Read more

Happy Social Media Birthday!

If you wanted to wish someone a Happy Birthday, in the age of social media, how would you do it? And how many different ways can you think of to send a … Read more


One Analytics to Rule Them All

Unsplash LogoHenri L. The notes below apply if you run a small web design studio that needs to assure a good level of service to your clients with the most … Read more

Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do

Let me tell you a story. A while back my computer died. The hard drive was failing and it wouldn’t boot up past a blank screen with a folder icon. … Read more

Learn to code (For Kids)

For a change, I am going to bundle these simple things together. Code Club Here you can teach your kids a number of new … Read more


The Importance of Proving Authority

Summary Everyone has a right to write and discuss anything they wish, within the boundaries of human rights. Publishing platforms, like Medium, work to … Read more


Christmas 2018

pannellum.viewer("panorama", { "type": "equirectangular", "panorama": "WxPP87_flat.jpg", "showControls": true, "autoLoad": true, "author": "Bruno Amaral", … Read more


The Right Way to Solve Complex Business Problems Corey Phelps, a strategy professor at McGill University, talks about … Read more


Half Lost in Madrid

I travel alone most of the time. It’s a mix between taking time for myself and not having anyone to join me for any trip I am planning. This does not … Read more


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