Nobody is Easily Replaceable

The adage says that nobody is irreplaceable, but that is not true. That is a perspective that seems meant to incentivize us to work hard, to learn more, to … Read more


CryptoNovel returns with a new chapter

I had a shock when I realized that I begun writting the new chapter of the CryptoNovel in February 2018. But I know very well why it took so long to write … Read more


Ramadan in Lisbon

This documentary was a part of IndieLisboa, the independent film festival and I got to see it sunday, 12th. It's a work by Amaya Sumpsy, Catarina Alves … Read more


Reputation and Culture

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/16/podcasts/the-daily/carlos-ghosn-nissan-arrest.html Unsplash LogoJohn Cameron Read more


The Quadriga Mistery

Story time, come sit by the fire and hear the tale of 143 million dollars. The founder of Quadriga, a company that trades CryptoCoins, died. With him, the … Read more


Happy Social Media Birthday!

If you wanted to wish someone a Happy Birthday, in the age of social media, how would you do it? And how many different ways can you think of to send a … Read more


One Analytics to Rule Them All

Unsplash LogoHenri L. The notes below apply if you run a small web design studio that needs to assure a good level of service to your clients with the most … Read more


Don't Tell Me What I Can't Do

Let me tell you a story. A while back my computer died. The hard drive was failing and it wouldn’t boot up past a blank screen with a folder icon. … Read more


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