What matters is not just what we say, it’s also how we do things

This should go without saying but it was meaningful to me this week.

Alongside the Multiple Sclerosis, Gregory AI, there is also a non-profit that was setup to handle donations and expense. Altough I’m still covering the totality right now.

The non-profit is called Human Singularity Network and Our values are simple. Humanity, Inspiration through technology, and Transparency.

They reflect in more than just our communication, they are core to every decision and action. And isn’t this be the norm for every organisation? Famously, when faced with the Tylenol crisis, someone at J&J said they didn’t need a crisis plan, it was already there in their Credo.

But where do these values come from?

From my experience, they either come from the grassroots of an organisation or are set by the C-Suite. Where’s Public Relations?

I’ve argued in the past that an organisation’s values system must be an integral part of communication strategy. This alone should be enough to ensure a seat for PR at the C-Level. When this doesn’t happen, companies end up hiring consultants and strategies asking them how they can come off as being authentic.

This was a big part of my week because we were navigating the portuguese legislation for non-profits to find the best invoicing solution to handle donations. It’s an outdated ruling and the official answer from the Tax Office is that we can go to a print shop and purchase an invoice book.

That solution is terrible, feels amateurish, and doesn’t match our desire for transparency in how we handle donations. We wanted a more professional and auditable solution. Stripe’s invoicing add-on turned out to be the best fit since the Portuguese Tax System only requires us to file a statement of donations received.

Making the effort to worry about these details adds to our credibility and reputation, and that is valuable on its own.

What was interesting this week

How AI is Changing the Consulting Game

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the consulting industry and making the traditional billable hours pricing model obsolete. As AI automates and speeds up many consulting tasks, clients are demanding a shift to value-based pricing, where they pay for the insights and results provided, not the time it takes to generate them. This shift requires consultants to demonstrate the unique value they deliver to clients. Independent consultants may find this transition easier due to their agility, but larger consulting firms may struggle with the significant mindset shift and lack of expertise required to achieve this level of success.

But do they have to?

Big consultancy firms are not just hired because of the output and insights. Within the palace intrigue of big organisations the ones deciding to hire a consultant also worry about their reputation and career. Hiring a reputable consultancy firm is a safer option to avoid being fired, even if it doesn’t go according to plan. “They had good references and a professional approach, how was I to know it wouldn’t work out?” Big consultancies can thrive in this complex environment where relationships and political savvy are as important as delivering good work.

If you need results you hire a small or medium firm that will focus on your goals like their life is at stake. Sometimes it is.

This being said I support everything in @Neville Hobson’s article. We all should focus more on value brought to clients than on billable hours.

On TikTok, Jamie Brindle shares some great advice for freelancers on how to handle clients and quote for projects based on outcome.

Quickstart: coding for PR and Communication

Automate The Boring Stuff With Python

I read this book during the lockdown and followed the exercises. It isn’t just great for beginners, it also gives you an understanding of the different types of variables in most programming languages.

You’ll be able to automate almost anything on your computer. Then you’ll be able to add new layers to that automation using OpenAI or any other LLM service.


Want to skip the backend and understand web development? Codecademy is the place to start.

Udemy Development Courses

I haven’t used Udemy, but from the range of development courses they show, it seems to be a good next step once you’ve finished the first two sites in this section.

Your TikTok video for this week

What creates a villain and what does it have to do with PR ?

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