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This is My Notebook

We all contain multitudes. People are much more than their Social Media, and those platforms don't give us much room to build on.

This is my playground and scrapbook where I share what I know, what I do, and what I am thinking about.

Inside these pages there are blog posts, in-depth articles, projects, and even games. Each of them, a different piece of me.


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AI as an ubiquitous tool, and it's original sin

Contrasting my belief, a friend had the following conversation with me. (Paraphrasing, of course) AI is so day-to-day that people don’t mention it anymore. It’s no longer novelty and people are using it. Some books being sold are 100% AI generated and translated, news shows are being done interely by AI anchors. And people don’t care. It’s not like they are going to read the books, maybe it’s for them or maybe for a friend, but chances are nobody is reading them.
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by Bruno Amaral, 18-Apr-2024



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Puzzled Storytelling Crypto Novel

Can you solve the puzzles to unlock the next chapter?

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Weekly Notes

Short review of the week and useful tools

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creativity The Coffee Journal

I know very well why this notebook exists and why I began writting down loose thoughts and scribbles.


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