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This is My Notebook

We all contain multitudes. People are much more than their Social Media, and those platforms don't give us much room to build on.

This is my playground and scrapbook where I share what I know, what I do, and what I am thinking about.

Inside these pages there are blog posts, in-depth articles, projects, and even games. Each of them, a different piece of me.


Teaching first year students at the School of Communication and Media Studies


Teaching a Digital Strategy post-graduate course at University of Lisbon, ISCSP

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Consulting work in Corporate Communication, and User Experience

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Week 47

The New Yorker published a nice piece about Why The Internet Isn’t Fun Anymore. And the scenario described is spot on. The algorithms that social media channels use for engagement rely on keeping us predictable and organised into homogenous groups. And the nuisances that people endured during the 90’s internet were also a source of discovery and we didn’t realise. Where are the creative communities of the past in the age of algorithms ?
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by Bruno Amaral, 28-Nov-2023



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A tool for research on Multiple Sclerosis
Open Source Gregory MS

A free Artificial Intelligence agent to speed up medical research

Some things are just too big to toot about.
Weekly Journal

Short review of the week and useful tools

creative writing The Coffee Journal

I know very well why this notebook exists and why I began writting down loose thoughts and scribbles.


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