Storytelling in Advertising

Advertising is funny. Like all marketing, it is a reflection of the society where it is created. And it changes together with technology the shift in … Read more


Maersk Social Media Case Study

This is a small note for myself, about Maersk’s work on social media and how they managed to turn something as plain as shipping containers into an … Read more


Sample School

Sometimes I get sucked into a rabbit hole because of something I found interesting. This time, it was a sequence of songs. What comes next is meant to help … Read more

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You and me are a lot alike. We have a day job, routines, and responsibilities. And I like to write stuff for this magazine, I really do. It started out as … Read more


In defense of in-depth writing

The spark for this post comes from an article I read on Medium by @tomkuegler. “How To Become Ridiculously Self-Aware In 20 Minutes” is an … Read more


LIVE! Lessons From Going Live Around the World

@sree Https:// Https:// What I’ve learned from doing hundreds of live videos - my brand-new presentation at #spark in … Read more


Winning in Times of Google Apple Facebook and Amazon (GAFA) Today the world is dominated by platforms: GAFA. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. European companies are in a difficult … Read more


Influencer Marketing in 2019: How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy That Generates Results

Twitter: @nealschaffer Website: Neal has been working in social media for ten years and focused on “The Business of … Read more


Opening Keynote: The Day After Tomorrow - The Future Anatomy Of Your Martech Stack

Ulrik Bo Larsen Consumer behaviour is changing and people expect to engage with a … Read more


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