Alan Cooper #RanchStories The father of visual basic Writing feature packed bug free software didn’t guarantee success Most significant innovation is … Read more


Interaction Designers vs Algorithms

@gilescolborne gilescolborne: How I stopped worrying and learned to love algorithms. https://t.co/iYFZMDFD70 #uxlx How I stopped worrying and learned to … Read more


Designing to Learn

@lissijean https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/MelissaPerri/designing-to-learn The controversial subject of the MVP Great for testing yet some teams seem … Read more


The Emerging Global Web

@stephanierieger http://slideshare.net/yiibu http://www.slideshare.net/yiibu/the-emerging-global-web The online World is saturated in developed economies … Read more


Fairy Tale Experiences

Per Axbom The more people’s brain is in auto pilot, the better ? The reptilian brain is great for conversion. What is our responsibility to the … Read more


All love letters are ridiculous

Unsplash LogoDaniel Arrhakis   Todas as Cartas de Amor são Ridículas Todas as cartas de amor são Ridículas. Não seriam cartas de amor se não fossem … Read more


How We Talk, How Machines Listen

These are my notes from UX LX 2016, recently recovered from Evernote and therefore being published outside of their natural sequence. For the rest of the … Read more


Having control over your own content

I have been putting together the loose bits and pieces of this blog into the archive page, articles and posts dating back to 2005. Earlier stuff from 2004 … Read more


Storytelling in Advertising

Advertising is funny. Like all marketing, it is a reflection of the society where it is created. And it changes together with technology the shift in … Read more


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