This week’s big thing was OpenAI announcing Sora, and Google’s Gemini. Philippe Borremans’ review of Sora and Gemini is quite complete and worth your time.

Social Fracture and Digital Ownership

My thinking as been more on the social fracture caused by Twitter’s downfall, the nice things I have been finding on Mastodon, and the fun of rebuilding the blog with a modern approach.

Two nice finds on this topic were Hank Greene’s reflection about the social fracture in a YouTube video. Hank did a great job in using video to explain science in an engaging way, both on YouTube and TikTok. He gathered a community, but does he own it?

Molly White’s breakdown of digital ownership points the flaws in this thinking..

Zuckerberg’s Going to Use Our Instagram Photos to Train His AI

This statement was made on an earnings call to investors, so it is surely not a mere intention. That trainning is probably underway or already done.

Note Taking is writting things down, Note Making is encoding it into our brain

Via @[email protected], UX Designer working on information systems for the scientific community

Your AI Tools this week

ArticleGPT promises to help you create hallucination-free, fact-based, and seo-friendly articles.

REOR, a private AI note-taking app that runs models locally. Maybe a good way to integrate note making into your routine.

Smry, read any online article and instantly get the summary.