What is disruption for business

examples of disruption:

  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon
  • Mp3

GoToMeeting launched HD video calls, it justified the price point.

The goals the customer has and what needs to be done.


  • The innovator’s dillema
  • The innovator’s solution

business loses focus on what the user is trying to do.

1 at the core of disruption is a relization that opportunity come from understanding the jobs people need to get done

there are competing approaches to this.

example, keyless locks.

We need to control access and feel safe: Function and emotion in the same context.

Maximize my ability to allow visitors in during the day.

Direction > Unit > Qualifier


  • Minimize
  • Reduce
  • lower
  • maximize
  • increase
  • higher

Disered outcomes survey



2 Give designers a way of capturing insight that leverages our skills for finding real business opportunities

  1. discover value
  2. design value
  3. deliver value
  4. (re)define value
discover value

design value

When ____ , I want to ______, so i can

situationmotivationexpected outcome
deliver value

shift language to JTBD

lose marketing jargon

redefine value

markets are boxes we put ourselves into.

don’t just develop a software, intuit competes with the pencil and not just other tax software solutions.

expand your market by adding new jobs to what you cover.

3 offers a practical ’lens’ to view various aspects of your organisation and shift the view from inside-out to inside-in

people don’t want a drill, they want a hole in the wall. theodore levit

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