Per Axbom

The more people’s brain is in auto pilot, the better ?

The reptilian brain is great for conversion.

What is our responsibility to the user?

Task completion is not the same as goal fulfillment. #uxlx #fairytale


We made things so simple that we are losing relevance for the user. Who needs to accidently buy 18 L of milk anyway?

Task completition is not the same as goal completion. We need to turn off the auto pilot and help the user think.

monicadefonseca: ... you cannot make everything that easy! Is not fair #Uxlx @axbom

axbom: Making it hard for people to join can give you loyal, active and serious users. #uxlx #fairytale

filipexav: "Making something easy does not create loyalty. Understanding people's real story does. Patience does" @axbom #uxlx

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People need to feel accomplishment

It is liberating to clear obstacles, game designers add obstacles to increase satisfaction.

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