The online World is saturated in developed economies and we are seeing emerging economies coming.

Price of devices is going down and soon everyone will be able to go online.


  • man in kuwait selling sheep on instagram
  • people in tailand selling products on facebook

Hacked businesses based on this new technology.

davilagrau: Tons of data in the presentation about The Emerging Gobal Web @stephanierieger @uxlx #defign #ux

sophiavux: Learning about Kuwaiti shepards and grandmas selling sheep and dried fruit on Instagram. A whole other web. #uxlx



How these markets are evolving and using the web

Chinese commerce is also different in an important way

90% of Online retail is sold through online marketplaces as opposed to other economies where they use individual sellers.



these marketplaces are looking for opportunities to reach small villages as a way to gain new users to sell online.

One person serves as an ambassador and seller for the whole village.

This chinese marketplace model is already spreading

  • Jumia in Africa for example

How can consumers find what they really want?

Imagine pinterest with a monetization system built from scratch.



Developing markets are going straight to Social

WeChat is the poster child for this. Fivee years old and 7 milion users. Does photo blogs, subscriptions and allows to customize the API, pay and have a virtual wallet.

Not just chat, but functional stuff.

You can talk with bots and people and sometimes both in the same context.

Kenya - mobile banking infra-structure M-paya(?)

Giant marketplaces are dealing with a problem of counterfeits

Ali Baba created a paying platform and it creates an escrow service. It holds the money until the buyer approves the sale after inspecting the product. — Alipay

It is now being used as a currency in all of china

Mobile is the glue of these services and platforms.

QR Codes are central in wechat, messenger also uses it and in china it can be used for payments.



Online, Offline and Mobile or Desktop is irrelevant. Everything blends into everyday life.

Russia is faced with a problem in postal infra structure. Sales assistants go door-to-door and get payments as well.

lissijean: Lamoda in Russia sends delivery men with clothes packages to your doors, have you try it on, give fashion advice collect payment. #uxlx

Lamoda in Russia sends delivery men with clothes packages to your doors, have you try it on, give fashion advice collect payment. #uxlx

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