We use cibernetic tools everyday, from the tutorial videos to the GPS on our car.

But The user is doing all of the work.

We have limited working memory.

Every interaction with an interface wipes the working memory and the user needs to go back to recall what the task was.

Computers are dumb, they don’t have notion of context.


you’re boring!

We can predict the daily behaviour of the user if we know the context.

Human > speaks > tech

That’s why our systems suggest apps we use often.

IoT and other tools are beginning to understand what the context is. It learns our particular patterns.

Technology can then reduce the number of interruptions and task-switching needs.

We can do better

Magic is skipping the right steps.

Our brain offloads stuff from the short term memory.

When tech speaks human, is when we start to gain super powers.

Spatial memory is free.

When we use space as a tool, laying out objects and items, we are using a bigger part of our brain.

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Adding space improves productivity by 40% — and we know this since 1993

https://twitter.com/audaux/status/867658534716153856/ Synthetic reality adds space to computing.

putting the task in the context helps avoid the task switching

Augmented Spatial Memory

Building things using a spatial interface

Reduces the cognitive burden of interacting with the UI.

super human healing factor

Diplopia by James Blaha

VR used to retrain the sinapses of the brain and help people with lazy eye.

mental rehearsal & visualization

the kids that did visualization did better than kids practicing basketball in shooting hoops


exo suits to help the person do physical therapy … assisted with VR.

the brain was able to move muscles again.

burn victims

playing computer games associated with cold helped to endure the pain of treatment.


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  • GM + nasa: robo-glove
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