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There is a lot of disclaimers in talks about augmented reality. Things change fast.


Is it AR? VR? MR? These concepts have an amazing continuum, a wide spectrum of how AI can be a part of our daily life. We are still debating our relationship with the computer.


With Pokemon suddenly everyone was talking about augmented reality. It was an epidemic type of technology. It was a weird wave of fun and chaos.

AR’s evolution


More companies became involved into AR after Pokemon Go. It is now maturing into a platform but it’s not ubiquitous yet. Yet, smartphones are giving us the tools to use AR. We have the required technology in our pockets. All it takes is a camera.

It also lets us do some crazy things:

  • Smart mirrors
  • Smart toothbrushes!

And it can give us useful things:

  • Real time information about the world around us
  • Tools to learn how to draw
  • Directions



AR is reaching the age of usefulness, it’s stabilising an expanding. It’s also getting more interest from executives.


Great AR is customer focused, and how can we build it ourselves?

The challenge is that people struggle to get started.


  • You don’t need AR tools to prototype AR
  • Build it for people who are already mobile friendly
  • Consider how you will measure success


  • Narrow scenarios and embrace your constraints.
  • Prepare for lots of post-build testing


  • Consider the personal impact


Solve real problems

Map customer needs, think about their lifecycle and find a place where AR can really help them.

  • Expand options for consideration (Ikea, Warby Parker, Sephora are a few examples)
  • Prevent post-purchase problems (Customer manual from Hyundai)

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