book: managing chaos

we are fearless creators

the industrial age went the wrong way at some point. What where they thinking ?

Question 1:

can we produce digital goods the same way we produce hard goods?

supply chain management is an academic thing.

information in the right format in the right place at the right time.

Question 2:

who is responsible for the oucomes related to the information design and delivery (access, experience, security) ?

Margaret Hamilton … prevented an abort of the apollo 11 moon landing

Question 3:

What happens when it's both hard (industrial) and soft (information)?

who owns our data, especially when that data is in the cloud. we are not considering the broader issues. for example we shouldn't have settled for a transportation mode that burns fossil fuel.

we are architectering an age that we will have to live with for years to come.

Answer 1:

Can we create and distribute information products the same way we create and distribute hard goods?


because information flows… in a way that hard goods do not.

Answer 2:

Who is responsible for the outcomes?

We are

Answer 3:

What happens when it's both hard (industrial) and soft (information)?


We have to do our best work


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