Interaction is moving off the screen and into the environment around us.

Cut the steps between thinking and doing

— steven ____ ?

We tend to think about our interfaces as a keyboard or other physical device.

This talk is how can we begin to cross this barrier

1. magic and tech

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

— Arthur C. Clark

one goal: the computer disappears into the environment.

The phone is the first magic wand for everyone.

The phone is the first internet of things device for everyone.

Sensors * smarts + connectivity

The phone is also always available at the point of inspiration. When you need information, or services.

Mobile phones bring computing power to immobile objects.

If we can make a diaper into a web connected device, imagine what we can do.

Related reference, FOMO : Fear of missing out

Persistent mirror of clothes store

  • Dorothy project
  • Flip
  • Zappier
  • Amazon's dash buttons

Summary :

2. physical meets digital

Physical interaction with a digital API

The web breaks down barriers.

The world is becoming the interface

(You know, like it always has been)

The world is a data source

snapshot by progressive insurance.


delivering actionable advice and insight. Improve safety, give you feedback, checks the engine etc.

Passive interface

Ares sand table

The world is reactive

The world is a big canvas (we can design for a room or even a city)

wearables vs bearables

project called room E

the world has depth and mass

Thaw — replace the mouse with your phone.


  • gather data for insight
  • channel our intention sometimes at a distance. making it simple to move from idea to action
  • use the world as a canvas
  • interactions have mass

3. magic imagined

hardware is not the barrier, we can use regular stuff.

software and behavior is the hard part

This is not a challenge of technology but a challenge of imagination

design for the thing's essential thingness

— josh clark

Different mental models lead to frustration

— Abby Covert

Don't just add data. Add insight

Expose as little technology as possible

Mailchimp +

Be a little bit ridiculous

There is wisdom in play and immaturity. Gets us thinking into new ways of interacting with the world.

— josh clark

Magic always goes wrong

We should always have access to the off switch!

When algorithms fails, is the point to add human judgment.

Tech should aplify our humanty.

— Josh Clark


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