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Information Architecture (IA)
  • The underlying structure of a website
  • The practice of designing that structure

There are 51 Lenses for IA, there is overlap but they provide interesting perspectives.

These lenses came from a project for The World Bank website, in 2016. We can ask:

  • Are there better words I can use to describe things?
  • Can users grok what’s available?
  • What would actually help users?

Why is this important?

IMG_2442Pace Layers influence each other. We can’t change the navigation without changing the UI and Culture influences all the top layers.

IA deals with the abstract concepts

When we do design, we are also making critique to make things better. It’s hard to critique IA, because it’s so abstract. It’s also important because of IA’s effect.

Lenses help us bring that critique forward: Narrative, Multiple Homes…

The lenses will not give us the answer but will help ask the right questions. It’s a new tool and it’s a way to make us re-examine what we do.


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