part 1 - framing

Cargo Cult UX/Design

Tribe was acting out rituals to attract planes carrying goods and food.

We take 1000 breaths a day and don’t think about it.

Same holds for the design process and our day to day job.

Our happy memories don’t involve software, they involve other people.

It’s in its transparency that it fulfils it’s function. — James Balay

Focus on the experience and not the function.

part 2 - culture

Pace Layers

Culture and nature evolve very slowly.

Stories are the constructors of culture. They are very close to what it means to be human.

(Harry Crews video)

  • who they were the world
  • their understanding of themselves
  • they believed the world worked

Stories are how we understand the world and how we shape the world.

Book : to sell is human Book : flow

students that were Problem finders produced better artwork and became successful artists.

Problem finding needs to come before problem solving.

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Reference : Laban Movement Analysis framework

part 3 Vision

Have a vision for your future.

Identity before effort

And you have to make steps to make that vision a reality.

Be mindful of what you are making and in the end make stuff that matters.

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