hashtags show up in 2007 but twitter only added support in 2009

Weight watchers example.

“I'm a coach, i'm real.”

the system is not just a collection of features, it is also the people that use it.

Inovation in real time:

  1. the brief
  2. case study
  3. the insight

1. the brief

Client: The Taproot

— drives social change with professionals that do pro bono service.

goal: create an online marketplace for pro bono service

What features do users need?

2. the case study

Lesson 1 — start the conversation early

we need a great host behind the scene

most of the work was done by the community manager

2 static pages

index and details of the projects

work was done “by hand” and the team listened in.

Lesson 2 — track outcomes, not features

Lesson 3 — Programs, not projects

design is a continous activity in the whole process

the insight

the contract model needs to change


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