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How do I get my organisation to value design? This question puts the focus on design and kind of leaves out the other areas of business.


As an example, United Airlines tries to deliver a good UX but fails through a lot of the parts of the journey. Online and offline. A user experience is not made of pixels.


A UX is built out of Decisions and those decisions are made out of trade-offs.

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier

— Roy Disney


When we say we are Valuing customers we mean valuing revenue. Metrics-Aware Design is essential but it is problematic.

If we are focused on metrics we are not human-centred. We need to focus on human needs (Maslow’s pyramid).

  • Uber manipulates people to drive business
  • Session replay tools let us watch what someone is doing and can invade privacy

The Nuremberg Code

1940’s, the Nazis experimented on humans and the nuremberg code are 10 principles to assure those atrocities are not repeated.

Internet products and services are the largest human subject experiment ever conducted. With no consent, and no idea on how that information is being used to manipulate us.

  • Is it of benefit?
  • Is it the only way?
  • Is the risk proportional?
  • What kinds of harm are possible?
  • How will you minimize harm?

Is participant consent truly voluntary?

  • informed
  • Not coerced
  • Withdrawn at any time
  • Exceptions are very rare

Why don’t we ask these questions when doing product design ?

5 things we can do:

  • Don’t just drive the bus, think about how you can take some responsibility for the whole experience
  • Leverage Existing Values
  • Challenge assumptions and requirements
  • Agree (and measure for) real values
  • Work to change values

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