What makes a design GOOD?

Simplicity, a good use of space, when you can’t remove anything else?

We are terrible at talking about design.

It’s good when it solves a problem.

A great designer solves the problem and explains it to others in a way that makes sense.

  1. solves a problem
  2. easy for users
  3. supported by everyone

A great designer is a great communicator.


UX has gone mainstream.

CEO Button = demands by the CEO that are

The CEO button happens all the time.

Homepage syndrome



  1. what problem does this solve?
  2. how does this affect the user?
  3. why is it better than the alternative?


take time to think about the people that are in the project.

  1. see their perspective (and tailor your presentation)
  2. remove distractions from the conversation
  3. anticipate reactions


  1. let them talk as much as they want without interruptions (gives them confidence that they were heard)
  2. hear what they are not saying (what’s the elephant in the room? what are the office politics in play?)
  3. uncover the real problem
  4. convert “likes” into “works”
  5. ask for examples


  1. give up control (the first step is admitting you’re not in control)
  2. Lead with a YES!



  • appeal to a nobler motive
  • show a comparison (you want a common space to discuss your work)
  • propose an alternative
  • give them a choice (something they will lose and something they will gain)
  • postpone the decision

Common explanations

  • facilitates a primary use case
  • follows a common design pattern
  • meets a particular goal
  • data supports it
  • complies with a standard
  • limited technology
  • draws the user’s attention
  • creates a flow for the user
  • establishes branding

going back to the 3 questions

  1. what problem does this solve?
  2. how does this affect the user?
  3. why is it better than the alternative?

one more tactic: painting a duck

an element that we will remove later.


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