We are all cyborgs, we use objects and technology to go outside our natural environment or be able to do new things.

We are waking up next to our technology. How does that affect us?

Macy Meetings in 1941 : anthropology and scientists dicussing technology

50 billion devices will be online by 2020 — Cisco

1. We live in an era of interruptive technology

We need a calm technology

Attention is a scarce resource.

2. Technology should empower the periphery

3. technology should inform and encalm

example: the heat sink shows the water's temperature using colored light

4. tech should amplify the best of tech and the best of humanity

  • machines shouldn't act like humans
  • humans shouldn't act like machines

Humans are good at curating, technology is good at going through a lot of data.

5. technology can communicate but doesn't need to speak

6. technology should consider social norms

Where are the norms now, where will they be in the future?

How will people react to it?

Google glass is not a new feature on a current device. It's a whole new device with several new features.

It was too much for people to handle at once.

The iPhone was the opposite example. Improved on an existing system, developer on boarding, limited features.

Calm technology focuses on the mental cost of doing things.

A person's primary task should not be computing, but being human. — Amber Case

The scarce resource in the 21 st century will not be technology, it will be attention. — Mark Weiser


Amber Case, presenting Calm Tech