Stephen Wendel

3 strategies for behavior change


supporting conscious choices

  • fitbit
  • opower
  • hellowallet

as well as other companies and agencies who try to remove friction to change our behaviour.

  • Obama campaign
  • airbnb
  • ogilvy

building habits

We are all unique but our minds go through a similar process

Six conditions for action:

  1. cue

  2. reaction

  3. evaluation

  4. ability

  5. timing

  6. experience



stupid stuff matters, like the time you send an email or the wording, sentences etc.

  • challenge is to find out which ones are more important.

NEST is about the reaction. It looks and feels different from a regular thermostat.


Make it normal with peer comparisons or social proof.


more than economic costs


we don't do things that we think we will fail at.

elicit plans to act.



Building habits

So what is an habit ?

<img src=June_04__2015_at_0524PM-1024x768.jpg" alt="">

we all start scared of new things and new behaviours.


remove frictions and even do the work for the user

example : forms for savings removes frictions

but are your users engaged when you automate stuff or do the work for the user?

automation can only get you so far, you can't cheat on interacting with people.


– support conscious choice

– build habits

– cheat


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