Tim Berners Lee

Defined a system of decentralised information that could be connected together.

And We built … websites with ugly gifs.

For us, it is easy to distinguish between documents and data. Computers need to be told which things our documents contain.

Cross referencing data points gives new insight.

Rules of data publishing


Use web addresses to represent real world things


Return useful data about each resource, in a standard format.


Include links to other data, so people can discover more things.

There is a standard method to publish linked data: RDF

subject, predicate, object

Wikipedia is great to explain concepts for humans. What if machines could read it too?

DBPedia tries to do that for wikipedia, and musicbrainz is the open music library.

BBC radio has a database of every music played by them.

Linking to DBpedia and Musicbrainz it was possible to create a new product to explore music.

The web was designed to build bridges of understandment

we can link content and we are seeing people go back to learn how to use technology.

  • kids with raspberry pi's for example

Linked data and UX have a lot to discuss

It's all one web. So let us play with it and break down silos and link content together (paraphrased)

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