people who stand to gain something from you have motive to deceive you

I <3 Deception

Deception can be found in a number of places of every day life.

  • traffic lights with pedestrian buttons
  • London tube map
  • perception of speed — stevesouders.com

Good Vs Evil

Dark patterns in UI

Why people use dark patterns?

  • Pressure for results

rather than deceiving users, enable them to do what you'd like them to do.

By focusing on simplicity of the target behavior, you increase ability.

— BJ Fogg

The audience must never be made to work.

— darwin ortiz

Clarifying Techniques

use fewer props

— minimalist UI


keep the ui consistent accross the site / app

Visually clarify the props

best example, tutorials. keep them with as little slides as possible.

Visually clarify the layout

— keep things nice and clear

Make the hidden visible

— put the information / content in front the user without barriers.

Eliminate time lags

— design for performance

Eliminate interruptions

procedural directness

Delight vs frustration

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