Nicole Fenton

Words as material

What's the number one thing that sabotages projects for you?

  • silos
  • miss communication
  • client not communicating needs
  • unclear expectations
  • lack of clarity
  • lack of communication
  • self
  • team
  • product
  • public

Wtiters are the fastest designers in the world.

— Matt Jones, Interaction 15

There is a gap between writers and designers

Language is a system

see words as blocks you can work with

we need to make messes

— Anne Lamott, Bird by Bird

More people, more problems

  1. no product vision
  2. different expectations
  3. oversimplifying the problem
  4. design doesn't sell itself

1. no product vision

Tiny content framework

write a press release / write a letter to someone you know

2. different expectations

“Hell is other people”

— jean paul sartre


– multiple question questionnaires

  • Mad Libs

Chroma is a {noun} that lets you {verb} with {object}

  • fake interface / prototype

3. oversimplifying the problem

Just is a dangerous word.

Don't polarize the problem.

4. design doesn't sell itself

Things to try

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