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We are not used to thinking about UX / Design with a government institution.



When does the government assist people and how can we make that experience better? There is a lot about the concept of assistance and what it should be. And the term government is also broader. Institutions like a library, schools, hospitals are also part of the government.



Field guides to ensure voter intent

A set of guides and tools that can be used to build a website, and indirectly It helps voters gather information to decide their vote.



Home loan disclosures

Redesigning the form was a first step towards the legislation and to help that process be clearer to the person taking the loan.

Public servants are designers

—Dana Chsinell, civic design camp NYC

Design Principles

  • Respect people’s time, dignity and abilities
  • Government and citizens are on the same side - design for unity


There aren’t enough of us

How can you share your practice with the institutions that are important to you?


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