Hanne Grainger

Jameson Irish Whiskey

There are so many brands that just talk about themselves. Jameson has been learning how not to do this by trial and error.

Consumer behaviour

Consumers will tell you they don’t follow brands on social media. They will tell you that they only follow friends, celebrities, sports, news, entertainment, meme accounts and others.

Customers don’t say they follow brands on social media, but the instagram followers for brands on instagram sum up to the population of Europe.


Users actually follow brands that don’t act like brands.

Jameson is competing with all the brands on social media, not just the ones in the spirits market. So how do they cut through?

1. Knowing who we (Jameson) are


It’s also about the tone of voice in their Copy.

We’re not flippant nor crass. We’re warm and knowingly clever.

2. How we interact

It’s all about two way conversations and getting to know the followers.

Just like a real friendship.



  • Interesting
  • Trust
  • Banter
  • Confidence (not cockyness)
  • Personable
  • Good listener
  • Know when to be quiet


  • Narcissistic
  • Never arrogant
  • Talk for the sake of talking
  • Talk about the things you have a right to talk about

It’s not only about playing and engaging, it’s also about engaging with things they are interested in. An example is how Jameson interacted with buzzeed posts.

You can have fun on a shoe string budget

3. Where we interact

Our Personality’s Always The Same But Like A Person, We Tweak Our Behaviour Depending On Our Surroundings.

Jameson does not repurpose the content across platforms with copy and paste. That’s lazy.

Each social media channel has it’s own purpose.

Instagram: “Where we showcase the real, un-staged moments of our whiskey.”

Facebook: “Where we showcase the real, un-staged moments of our whiskey.”

Twitter: “Our mates are having conversations & we’re here to join in.”

YouTube: “Sit back, take a seat, grab a Jameson, we’re delighted to be spending that little bit more time with you.”


4. Our friends becoming our family

Jameson leverages their community to talk about subjects where it doesn’t have a right to discuss.



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