Sree Sreenivasan
Web LIVE! Lessons From Going Live Around the World

@sree [Https://](Slides used in the presentation) [Https://](Sree’s Tips) What I’ve learned from doing hundreds of …

Philipp Westermeyer
Web Winning in Times of Google Apple Facebook and Amazon (GAFA) Today the world is dominated by platforms: GAFA. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. European companies are in a difficult …

Hanne Grainger  - Jameson Irish Whiskey
Web Turning Strangers Into Friends: Pulling Up A Stool Next To Your Mates, Not Your Followers

Hanne Grainger Jameson Irish Whiskey There are so many brands that just talk about themselves. Jameson has been learning how not to do this by trial and …

Jaron Lanier
Web How We Need to Remake the Internet

Since I read “You are Not a Gadget” that Jaron became a sort of thorn in my side. The good kind of thorn, the kind that challenges our opinion. …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 6 May, 2018
Geek Fb Unseen Sometimes you just need some space, and you don’t need facebook snitching to your friends that you have seen their message. This …

Web How Joe bested Facebook

Joe Best shared a post with his friends on Facebook saying: Twitter in Portugal is going limp. Five years ago I would see 1000 per hour. Now I get 300/400 …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 25 October, 2014
Web Bring back my Web !

I remember a web before Facebook and before Twitter. It was a place built so that people could talk among themselves, share and collaborate to build things …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 3 October, 2014
Web Socialbakers, are teens still active on Facebook?

Someone over at Socialbakers is going to have to explain this to me very well. Ben Harper published an article where he shows that content reach grew 29% …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 30 January, 2014
Web Why Socialbakers’ Engagement Rate is not a solid metric

We have seen it before: <img class=“size-full wp-image-1634 alignnone” alt=“socialbakers-engagement-rate” …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 27 December, 2013

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