Joe Best shared a post with his friends on Facebook saying:

Twitter in Portugal is going limp. Five years ago I would see 1000 per hour. Now I get 300/400 every 12 hours. Logic says I should get much more because five years ago I had 1000 followers and now I have 7000.

The blue bird's magic flew… to Facebook!

You can try to click here and if you are in his facebook network you will see it gathered over 1000 comments and 123+ likes.

This was published in his profile page. Where he is followed by 415 people and has 4160 facebook friends. If you look at the stream of photos and updates that he shares it is obvious that not a single one goes unnoticed.

Joe also has a Facebook Page called DaCozinha with 3900 likes and where he sparingly posts the occasional update and photo about his business.  Right now he hasn't posted anything since October 15th.

That is enough background. I guess you got the picture by now.

What this means for Small Businesses

Joe proved that for a small business it does not make sense to invest time and content into a Facebook Page. Instead, tailoring your own profile page and personal brand until you reach the 5000 friends limit gives you more results.

Let's avoid the technical differences between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page. What is important is the newsfeed algorithm and how it impacts them differently.

Content from profiles is clearly being favored, I see less and less content from brands in my newsfeed. This change became so visible that Facebook responded directly to the decline in page reach in the newsfeed.  After all, we rather interact with a real person than a brand, right?

All this said … Joe's blog is well worth your time if you enjoy good cooking:

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