Budd Caddell has an interesting presentation on Digital Strategy 101 that you can see above.

If you are looking to a way to provide your company or your clients with a solid method for digital communication, then this is surely worth your time.

My only critique is that Budd’s definition of strategy does not fit the common taxonomy of the concepts of strategy and plan. This is something I began by talking about when my research on strategy began.

First, lets please agree on one premise: Strategy is about long term thinking, a Plan is the way you assemble tactics to meet a specific objective in short or medium term.

Budd’s definition starts off with:

A digital strategy is a plan to accomplish something with the benefit of digital tools.

He breaks this down brilliantly and explains a great perspective on how to look at a brand’s digital planning. Right now, I would suggest a definition more on the lines of :

A strategy is a long term thinking, with objectives and associated resources to reach them, and a digital plan is a set of tactics to accomplish objectives with the benefit of digital tools and channels.

At this point I need to take charge of my own shortcoming on proposing a definition of “Communication Strategy”. This concept will have to be applicable to both online and offline communication, otherwise it won’t be any good to me or anyone else. Budd’s slide deck did raise a few questions and showed a few solutions that may be interesting towards that objective.