This blog was a bit stuck in the dark ages of blogging and was in need of a redesign, in all definitions of the word: a new look and a new reading experience, as well as a revised editorial line.

Fortunately I know some amazing people, one of them being Diana Costa.

With her help, there is now a new logo and a new design. It is more focused on the content and the reading experience and adapts gently to any screen size.

I liked her solution so much that instead of applying it to an existing wordpress template I went the extra mile and coded it all from scratch. It is using the latest Twitter Bootstrap Framework with a 16 column grid instead of the usual 12 columns. This saved several days of coding to get the first prototype.

And because the search function is paramount on any website, it is there at the header for when you need it taking up the whole screen so you can focus and find what you are looking. For an added bonus, check out what happens when you search and don’t get results.

But there is more.


Screen Shot 2013-09-08 at 19.18.16

To make the blog a more compelling experience I reviewed the whole editorial line I was following. So now you have the following categories, or perspectives:

Communication; Communication and Web

Not all communication is about the web, but the web is always about communication. If you want to check out the ideas and opinion, papers and articles on Communication and Relationship Management, then you need can follow the communication part which will include the web perspective as a sub-category.

Buf If all you care about is what’s new online and how it can help you communicate or how it changes the way we relate with each other, then you should read the Web perspective in its own single category.

This is a split-hair. I was inclined to just keep the Web category and drop it in favor of Communication or vice versa. But the web has always been social, always been about communicating and collaborating with people across the globe. Therefore they need to be present and intertwined.


With so many things that change online and offline, what does that mean for business? This is where I want to share what perils and what opportunities show up whenever a major player like facebook, twitter, or google makes changes or when we as users switch from one platform to the other. This is also where I am going to expand on the idea of strategy and around the need for a concept of communication strategy, either digital or analog.


I don’t hide that I am a Geek and in fact I  am quite proud of that. So it was only fitting that for a personal perspective I would embrace this trait. This is where I will share what is happening with me, the bits and pieces of code I come up with, the pet projects and aspirations. This is the window where you will have a chance to peak into my world of madness and coffee.