We have made a lot of mistakes in social media, and found a lot of good things
Web The Web Is Getting Old

The first blog post I wrote was lost, the oldest one I kept is from September 8, 2005. It’s been almost 15 years and I am very happy to see how much …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 27 June, 2020
Geek Import Instagram Posts Into Hugo

I do love Instagram and the cool ways we can connect through with, see other cities, people we miss. It’s just hard to deal with having my photos …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 25 June, 2020
Web SaveYourInternet

header photo by Comfreak @Pixabay I have been trying to keep the conversation around #SaveYourInternet going, and reaching out to Portuguese MEP’s on …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 25 June, 2018
Creativity Pixabay

This is more than a gallery of free images. Pixabay connects you with the artists and allows you to follow their work or show appreciation in a number of …

Geek Firefox Send

This pilot project from Mozilla is a faster and private way to share files. Just drag and drop from your computer, it will upload and give you a single-use …

Geek Under the Hood

What is a static site Most sites work like errand boys. You go to them, ask for something and they will get it for you. The obvious problem here is that it …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 7 February, 2018
Creativity Radiooooo

http://radiooooo.com/ if, like me, you feel like travelling but can’t, this is the site for you. radiooooo (5 o’s) let’s you listen to …

if this then that
Geek Ifttt.Com

https://ifttt.com/ This site will allow you to create triggers for different actions. Want to save your Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist? …

It's never about how many visitors you get, but how many you engage with
Geek Measure what counts, readers

For some reason Marketing professionals are still focused in counting the number of likes over the number of sales, the number of reactions over the number …

Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral
Posted on 16 January, 2017

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