Advertising is funny. Like all marketing, it is a reflection of the society where it is created. And it changes together with technology the shift in Cultural Values.

I was looking back to a few ads by Nescafe, where they tell a love story served one cup at a time.

In talking with friends, one says there are no longer ads like these because of how expensive they are. It’s an undeniable fact, but there is still storytelling taking place. Small stories, but stories anyway.

The next day I get a Telegram with this video.

Sure, it’s expensive to make a story in today’s day and age. It’s even pricier to get it on pre-rolls and other Paid Media channels. And we need to ask, “Is it worth it?”.

Let’s wrap this up with one last ad.

The interesting bit about this last ad is that it was not paid for by Johnnie Walker. It was the hard work of Dorian & Daniel on their own accord.

These last two ads share one thing in common that makes them stick. It’s not abou the product, altough it is present the main focus is on brand values and the goal is to touch the viewer and stick in their memory.

The next question is, how much would you pay to have someone remember your brand's advertising 31 years later?

Unsplash LogoChantal Wagner Kornin