Recently, I have been noticing a huge increase on the number of Portugues Blogs that are linked to consulting agencies. Either as part of the communication strategy or from the employees own initiative.

So, my reading list for this area is a bit long…

And it’s not even a complete list, some blogs I only read occasionally .

To help make sense of the recent surge, Lift Communication created a directory of communication blogs.

So far so good, and the conversation is in fact growing. But at the moment it appears to revolve mostly around agencies, instead of bridging the gap between agencies and other bloggers.

I was expecting more from communication professionals, but my hope is that after the explosion of new blogs, when the euphoria wears off, we will begin to see agencies taking on a different approach to corporate communication.

This made me realise that my own blog is blending too much with the crowd. So expect some changes in the future.

Lisbon Social Media Café

Another recent event, was the first meeting of the Lisbon Social Media Café. This first opportunity for debate relfected in an agreement of how the meetings will be organized and conducted, and with what objective.

Our goal will be to nurish the debate on social media and to put the spotlight on blogs that we believe are interesting and yet relatively unknown.

A persistent goal will be to provide regular meetings and networking opportunities. So that ideas can be shared and small projects presented for discussion. All in an informal and one to one envyronment.