This week began with a post about two things. One is the current teacher struggle going on in Portugal about the new evaluation methods for teachers. I believe that in the context of what was discussed on Euroblog, during the first panel, both the government and the teachers are pulling in the wrong direction.

My arguments for this are simple. On that first panel I realised that teaching needs to be adapted to the age of the students. Which is what Kaja Tampere pointed out. And from the presentation by Thomas Pleil I realised that at some stages that means following the methodology and peer to peer communication of Professional Training Courses. And when It comes to content, students now have a very short attention span like Richard Bailey and Helena Makhotlova pointed out. This means that some teachers in Portugal find themselves absolutely out of context when their students communicate. Because they simply don’t know how to use the tools.

The second point of debate was Customer Relationship Management. What is it? To what field does it belong to? For me it is nothing more than a software tool. And with the help of Miguel Albano (Lift Consulting) we came to the conclusion that as a tool it’s data and functionality can serve both fields of Marketing and Public Relations.