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“Working on my first discovery phase, with contact with the stakeholders, there was still a lack of a method and framework. 2010 I start my own UX Strategy Consultancy. 2013 I insanely decide to write a book called UX Strategy.”


Business strategy: plans and strategies the company uses to reach its goal

Value innovation: the primary utility of the product, the things that are indispensable.

Validated User Research: “The product is not a product until you are selling something”

Killer UX Design: “Making something that is frictionless”. It’s about how hard each click is.

I had to find a way to fit all these ideas in the book.

Technique 1: validating a value proposition using provisional personas and customer discovery

Technique 2: Conducting Competitive research and analysis

Technique 3: Storyboarding value innovation

Technique 4: Creating Solution Prototypes for Experiments

Technique 5: Conducting Guerrilla Research

Technique 6: Designing for conversion

Book is released

I was the one who wrote it first and was lucky

Digital transformation needs to be from the top down

And it needs to:

  • Embraced by the whole company
  • Touch all types of technology

In practice:

  1. Build out a UI component library nd UX template frameworks
  2. Look across all new product acquisition touch points
  3. Early prototypes
  4. Look at the competitors in a platform level
  5. Experiment new ways to combine these puzzle pieces

UX Lx 2018

User Experience Lisbon

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