The biggest UX event in Europe packs presentations and workshops by top industry professionals into 3 to 4 conference days. I had the opportunity to participate in two editions, where I frantically took notes and photos.

Sharing those notes turned out to be a good way to "give back" both to the speakers and other attendees.

If the following text looks disconnected, it's because it is. Everything was done in the spur of the moment. Later I tried to add a few other important links, yet there's just too much content per session.

So feel free to explore the notes, browse the photos and dig in to the related links on this page. Afterwards, I suggest you invest in a ticket for the next edition of UXLx. It's both a unique learning opportunity and an excellent chance to visit Lisbon.

For another view at UXLx, browse the summaries by on their facebook page.

Web RanchStories

Alan Cooper #RanchStories The father of visual basic Writing feature packed bug free software didn’t guarantee success Most significant innovation is …

Giles Colborne
Web Interaction Designers vs Algorithms

@gilescolborne gilescolborne: How I stopped worrying and learned to love algorithms. #uxlx How I stopped worrying and learned to …

Melissa Perri
Web Designing to Learn

@lissijean The controversial subject of the MVP Great for testing yet some teams seem …

Stephanie Rieger
Web The Emerging Global Web

@stephanierieger The online World is saturated in developed economies …

Per Axbom
Web Fairy Tale Experiences

Per Axbom The more people’s brain is in auto pilot, the better ? The reptilian brain is great for conversion. What is our responsibility to the user? …

Abi Jones
Web How We Talk, How Machines Listen

These are my notes from UX LX 2016, recently recovered from Evernote and therefore being published outside of their natural sequence. For the rest of the …

Amber Case
Web Calm Tech

@caseorganic We are all cyborgs, we use objects and technology to go outside our natural environment or be able to do new things. We are waking up next to …

Chriss Noessel at UXLx
Web Semantic Noodling

UXLx UXLx brings professionals from all over the world to Lisbon for 3 whole days of trainning and networking. Next edition is taking place on the 23rd and …


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