Upload Lisboa

Upload Lisboa is a conference that started back in 2009 and today is one of the main events around online Communication in Portugal. (I played a small role in organizing the first edition)

This year I am happy to say that they raised the bar slightly. A few speakers presented ideas on how to properly manage Facebook pages helping the audience move away from “guess-work” to a more methodic approach. Others helped break down the barrier between online and offline. Although it should not be new to anyone that all PR is Online PR, that mindset is still rare in Portugal.

I also hope that two things settle in the minds of communication professionals who attended and that several speakers mentioned:

And that quality of content will always win over quantity.

And last, a special hat tip to Jorge Oliveira, he showed us a number of transmedia case studies and went the extra mile by syncing the presentation with automatic tweets.

Values Systems

Nathalie Nahai’s presentation was about Web Psychology. I was surprised when at some point realized she was actually talking about values systems. For the audience, the highlight was when she explained that Hofstede’s values system are linked to webdesign and to the concept of Glocalization. This is possible by using Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions to guide both business strategy and communication.

But there’s so much more.

My MA research on values systems made the distinction between psycho-sociological values and economic or utilitary values. The first of which are what guides us towards forming relationships and joining groups. For social media, we can use Values Systems analysis to identify groups of blogs or find out the profile of a community.

And if we want to take it one step further, the same analysis makes it possible to conduct real-time monitoring and evaluation of campaigns, link building and Search Engine Optimization.

There are more articles on Values Systems on this blog, as well as a few presentations available on my slideshare profile.