Ulrik Bo Larsen

Consumer behaviour is changing and people expect to engage with a brand in the same way they interact with their friends.

  • Quick
  • Human

MVMT is a brand that only exists in digital channels and it’s growing steadily.


Evolve or expire


Marketing is perfectly optimized for a world that no longer exists. That is why Falcon is focused in unifying social media management.

Three pilars:

  • People
  • Content
  • Performance


Some of the features of the three pilars have already been a part of the enterprise process and methodology, but as separate parts and not integrated towards social media and other technologies for communication.


The way we run ads is broken. Ad specialists and content teams seem separate.

Spreadsheets is where creativity goes to die.

Falcon is reinventing ads to try to solve this problem.

Smarter collaboration between the ad and content team, and integrated in all of Falcon’s process.