<img class=“alignright wp-image-599” title=“Lisbon - Orient Train Station” src=CA48B566-AEA1-4535-9566-2BEB85ADC71C-1024x768.jpg" alt="" width=“448” height=“336” srcset=CA48B566-AEA1-4535-9566-2BEB85ADC71C.jpg 1280w" sizes="(max-width: 448px) 100vw, 448px" />I had the opportunity to share some ideas at two universities over the past few weeks, ISCSP-UTL thanks to Sónia Sebastião and at UBI thanks to Gisela Gonçalves.

The first was focused about what agencies and organizations do in regards to social media, in a Public Relations perspective, explaining a view of what is the web and showing examples to support the whole reasoning.

ISCSP was where I graduated before moving to a MA degree so there are always moments of some nostalgia and a concern to cram into 20 or so slides concepts I missed when I was attending.

The presentation at UBI presented a greater challenge. It was aimed at post-grad and MA students and therefore required more than an intro to social media. Instead, the topics present are :

  • What is PR and how the concept evolved,
  • What are relationships and how they reflect online (a tip-of-the-iceberg on values systems),
  • Measurement and Monitoring,
  • Management of Communication Channels

There was however an issue that I missed and only realized in hindsight when writing down this blog post.

We are used to see Public Relations defined as having a goal of reputation management, specially when it comes to social media. But the concept of Reputation has been losing ground in more recent definitions of the field. Recent definitions of Public Relations focus more on strategic management and building relationships.

Either path is fine with me, the Relationship concept is valuable when we discuss a Values Systems approach to Public Relations and the concept of Reputation is one of the factors pondered before we establish personal relationships or relationships with brands and organizations. Right now, I feel we look after reputation when we put an effort in providing organizations with a coherent corporate voice which is essential to approach key publics.

The resulting slides can be found on my Slideshare account and as a novelty, the whole research is available on a Delicious Stack.

Any comments you may have are well appreciated!