Over the last 4 weeks I have been working, together with Basílio, in building something new around the community of photowalkers in Lisbon. It is something very simple to explain. We feel there is too much talent in these photographers to just let it lie dormant.

So we contacted some of our friends, researched for the best way to build an online store, got to work in building partnerships and a brand that made the photowalker community justice.

Four weeks of work later, we are ready to sell the first set of photos.

To be honest, it feels daunting. We are aiming to sell to a new segment of people, in a country where online sales are low, in a time of economic crisis.

And yet, there is so much promise ahead.

We plan to add more photowalkers to the store, to expand to new cities like OPorto and Coimbra and if resources allow, to make the store bilingual. We don’t expect it to be easy and it’s is surely going to be a long walk.

If you would like to keep up with developments, please do leave a comment saying so. We don’t have an english newsletter at the moment but I will be more than happy to send the occasional email with news.