Cryptonovel, Behind the Scenes

I don’t remember exactly how it began. On one hand it was inspired by the hype around cryptocurrency, on the other it is a bit how I felt after … Read more

Creating a 360º Photo Viewer

Photo copyright, Benjamim pannellum.viewer("panorama", { "type": "equirectangular", "panorama": "31138750083_5e3bfa7df6_o.jpg", "showControls": true, … Read more


A crowdsourced itinerary for Porto

The other day, a friend asked me where to listen to Fado while in Porto. The answer is harder than it seems. Fado began in Lisbon, and students took it …

Read more



unsplash-logoClem Onojeghuo Lately I have found that Podcasts are not just a nice way to learn, a lot of my friends have been using them for quite … Read more


What I learned from Benjamim

Photo copyright, Benjamim These things may sound different and unrelated, yet they fired some of the same synapses in my brain. First, a post in Bored … Read more


Do something fun

There is a strange joy of doing things without caring, with little to no pressure on making it pixel perfect and even better, of stepping out of your … Read more


Bring back my Web !

I remember a web before Facebook and before Twitter. It was a place built so that people could talk among themselves, share and collaborate to build things … Read more

Bruno Amaral Bruno Amaral


Meet the Lisbon Photowalkers

Over the last 4 weeks I have been working, together with Basílio, in building something new around the community of photowalkers in Lisbon. It is something … Read more

Bruno Amaral Bruno Amaral


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