There is a strange joy of doing things without caring, with little to no pressure on making it pixel perfect and even better, of stepping out of your confort zone to do something new.

And you don’t just do it because it’s fun. You also do it because you’re learning something new and you’re doing with a bunch of friends. (Or even lobsters for that matter.)

Remember that? When grades didn’t count, when there was no client. When you weren’t competing with your colleagues. It was fun and there was a teacher in the room that gave you tools and pointed out routes. Then came the surprise tests, exams, SAT’s, National Exams of all sorts.

That sucked the fun out of it. We forgot that feeling.

So I suggest we rebel against teachers. Let’s dismiss their grading cravings. Let’s save time to learn surrounded by friends and not caring for anything other than having a good time. Yes we may not finish the task, it may end up looking terrible, we may discover we don’t like it all that much.

Then we can do it all over again. We can drop it and go play with another idea, chase a new spark of creativity.

After that we will look back, and maybe, just maybe, see that we have become something else. That we have learned a new craft, that we have gained a new wonder for what is different and at the same time made friendships stronger.

avatar Bruno Amaral
Bruno Amaral

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