Last week Lisbon and specifically the School of Communication and Media Studies, was the stage for the EUPRERA/Euroblog Spring Symposium. I had the pleasure of playing a small role in the organizing team, with Mafalda Eiró-Gomes, David Phillips and Philip Young.

The conference focused on how Public Relations is responding to the challenges of the Internet, and with invited speakers such as Philip Sheldrake and Anne Gregory it was indeed a valuable discussion.

My take is that we have not changed much on the way we practice Public Relations, even though there is indeed quite a lot of opportunities and new tools just waiting to be developed and put to use. This does not refer to blogs, twitter or facebook but to the possibility to rethink a whole organization’s structure, to try new ways to communicate and ultimately to change society.

It was also a special pleasure to see the Spring Symposium in Lisbon, as it was the conference that in 2008 had a huge impact on how I think and see PR. For that my gratitude goes to EUPRERA and everyone who makes it the great association it is.

Last but not least, a huge thank you goes to the team at Nüwa Studio who came up with the amazing website design we used.

Part of the conference also meant a few changes for the Euroblog Study, but more on that later this week.