Bruno Amaral

There is a story behind this photo, for now it is enough to say it is relevant because it was taken at Escola Superior de Comunicação Social (ESCS).

A few months ago I was invited to join David Philips and Nuno Jorge in the Strategic Management and PR Master. The module is called Digital Communication Strategy and goes from the broad definitions of strategy all the way to how it can be applied online and goes forward to what the Web will allow in the Future.

This is an opportunity to bring out old slides and review the ideas, dusting off any concepts that don’t make sense today and rethink how it all fits together.

A while back I mentioned to Armando that although I love what we do I felt the need to step back once in a while to think about the big picture. The chance to talk with recent graduates is perfect for that, they surely have the questions I am looking for.

And yes, some of it will be shared on the blog, of course.

As for the picture

It was taken by Nelson Pimenta during Upload Lisboa and I was on the phone with a friend whose email account had just been hacked. That laptop was “stolen” from another friend and we managed to log back in, change the password and prevent further intrusions.