Lonelier than alone

The text bellow was written in the beginning of November. I kept it as a draft, and today, revisited, read it again. I don’t remember why I … Read more


Growing Pains

There’s a friend of mine who I met because in different points in time, we shared the same nightmarish job. It was a short stint for both of us, that … Read more


Breakfast V60

unsplash-logoPeter Oslanec There are occasions when I have too much time and feel bored. Sometimes, I will find something interesting online. Other times, … Read more


Days for Seur to Deliver

In case you don't know, I have been having quite an ordeal with purchases made in Amazon.ES. To make a long story short, their carrier SEUR constantly … Read more


New Year 2018

unsplash-logoNordWood Themes Long story short, I have already began my new year resolutions last month. Been going to the gym almost everyday Have begun … Read more


When did we stop fixing broken things?

Can someone tell me when and why we stopped putting work in fixing things? This is the question in my mind for quite sometime now, for a million of … Read more


The Closet

span.image.featured{display: none;} Read more


Super Mario

You start your bank holiday with a mission, go to Ikea and get that closet you have had in your mind for the last two days. Next step a good sushi lunch … Read more


Bruno Amaral

I have a decade of experience in several roles, from consultant to freelancer and teacher. Teaching allows me to be in touch with the strategic … Read more


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