In case you don't know, I have been having quite an ordeal with purchases made in Amazon.ES. To make a long story short, their carrier SEUR constantly misses deadlines, has lied saying that packages were delivered to me and other clients.

Amazon's customer support has even acknowledged that they are "aware of some troubles with deliveries in Portugal". It's not just problems in delivering. It's mostly problems in having a half decent customer support by Phone, Email, and even their twitter account @seur_responde.

My frustration led me to bully SEUR's main twitter account so that my enquiries could be heard. They responded but never did provide an answer to where my initial order was, if it was lost or would be delivered.

As far as I can tell, SEUR is the only carrier that Amazon.ES uses. Which means that I will think twice before making my next online purchase there.

Because you see, these things happen. Orders get lost, delayed, doesn't matter. What doesn't happen every day is to see a company that simply does not respond to calls, emails or any other customer support channel. I honestly feel treated like I don't matter, because, like others have put it: "You are not their customer. Amazon is.". That may very well be the case, so now I am shifting my concerns towards Amazon.

So folks, please look below. That date counting down is for january 10th, the date when Amazon said I would receive the purchase I made at the end of November.

And let me be clear, I don't really care if it gets here or not. Next time I need to buy something, I am not planning to use Amazon.ES if things stay the same and they keep using a carrier that provides a service this bad.

update: monday 9th of January, 10h

Yesterday, @seur_responde mentioned they can't find my new order in their system, using the number Amazon provided.

Today, the package shows up in their system as being in distribution.

update: tuesday 10th of January, 13h

This morning, technically still in the deadline, internal mail delivered the package left by SEUR.

It does settle my argument with SEUR, but it is by no way a reason to forgive and forget. The customer support provided by SEUR was atrocious, with one of my calls to them actually being disconnected after spending quite sometime going through their automated filtering.

Amazon did whatever it could to solve this issue the first time around, yet on the second go, after I had already complained about SEUR's capacity to keep their own deadline after a delay, the problems with the carrier's customer support, and dismay about the way my inquiries were handled, their automated system still used SEUR to deliver my order.

As far as I am concerned, using Amazon Spain for my purchases while their carrier stays the same, is out of the question. Not just by me, but for the lack of respect that is constantly shown to customers on twitter and other channels. As I kept talking about this ridiculous problem, more reports came to me from other users that were much worse off than me.

At no point did SEUR even mentioned to their customers that they were sorry about the delays, or admitted they had lost orders. I know this is an ungrateful task and that the holiday period is everything except a walk in the park. Yet, some things are paramount and showing care for all of the client's stakeholders is one of them.

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