Is this the return of the indieweb ? It’s not but maybe there is some new middle ground to discover.

Anil Dash wrote a piece for the Rolling Stone magazine titled “The Internet Is About to Get Weird Again”.

He touches a few topics that are dear to me and that I have discussed before

October 3, 2014. Bring back my web

June 27, 2020. The Web is getting old. This one reached the HackerNews homepage with some people making a good point about wanting the web to forget their cringy LiveJournal posts.

Anil’s writing is much better than mine, and he points you to a series of interesting people and links to show this IndieWeb or WeirdWeb. This WeirdWeb that isn’t tied to algorithms and isn’t trying to sell you a subscription meal plan for 3.90€ or overpriced coffee mug.

His main takes:

  • Regulatory Shifts: Major tech companies might lose some grip as new regulations in the EU and the US open up platforms for more diversity.
  • Social Media’s New Era: With platforms like Mastodon and Bluesky, we’re seeing a shift from monolithic social networks to more niche, community-focused spaces.
  • A Human-Centric Web: The article emphasises a return to a more personal, creative internet, driven by individuals rather than corporations.

He is also in a better position to tell us about these things, being one of the founders of, “The friendly community where everyone builds the web”.

I am hoping that Anil is right, that at least some of us get to leave the walled gardens of social media companies and build something new and a bit weird. And at the Lisbon Collective we want to do our part.

Weird Christmas Presents from the Lisbon Collective

Building websites was always a part of our business, from Wordpress to static websites, and other endeavours that integrate software from different parts of the company.

This year, our clients are getting a suite of new tools for free.

Sharing is caring, reply to this newsletter if you have a website and would like an identical report. Or just reach out in any other way.

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Have a Happy 2024!

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