Can’t say this is the easiest time of the year for me, and as a result I always try to look into new areas of interest, or revisit ones I specially enjoy.

For last week that was the activities report for Gregory-MS, and my Home Server hobby. This last one deserves more than a paragraph or two in this newsletter, so I’ll pick it up again in January.

Three news links did pick up my interest.

The slow and painful death of Twitter

After last week’s mention of the Pudding Cup, another example of storytelling setting comes from The Verge. “Twitter was so many things” is a trip from calm to chaos brought by the new CEO.

AI and the News

“Can AI write the news?” This is a common place question even before Chat-GPT was launched. Turns out that it can write, present it with artificial newscasters, and generate the video.

Playing Monopoly

“Jury decides Google has illegal monopoly in app store fight”,

There is also a case to be made about the iOS App Store, where, again, no other player can enter.

Your AI Tools for this week, “the AI Search Engine You Control”, so they say.

iAsk.AI, another free AI Search Engine, this time where you can filter per Academic Search, News, Books, Forums, and Wiki.

And of course, on the topic of AI Search engines, Bing offers chat AI search if you’re using Microsoft Edge.

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