For week 47, the reflection was about creativity in the age of the algorithm, and right after, Spotify Wrapped took over my social media feeds.

From a Marketing and Communication perspective it is an unbeatable promotion tool for Spotify and a tool to show values and personality for the user.

This time I saw some backlash from others, showing some resentment with the flood of Spotify Wrapped stories.

To make things more interesting, I found Weird Al Yankovic mocking Spotify on supposedly the artist message part of this years’ Wrapped.

On TikTok, Philip Labes made a very clear breakdown on how artists struggle to fight the business model and the algorithm. He is also a good example of what artists are doing to stay close to their audience, take a look at his page.

What about Spotify’s side? Their strategy as long shifted from solving the problem of piracy to making a profit in a playing field that they either control or is unregulated. If you haven’t seen the documentary The Playlist, it’s available on Netflix. (And let’s both enjoy the contradiction of recommending content on another streaming platform.)

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