The New Yorker published a nice piece about Why The Internet Isn’t Fun Anymore.

And the scenario described is spot on. The algorithms that social media channels use for engagement rely on keeping us predictable and organised into homogenous groups. And the nuisances that people endured during the 90’s internet were also a source of discovery and we didn’t realise.

Where are the creative communities of the past in the age of algorithms ? And by creativity I don’t just mean Art, I also mean Technology and Science.

Reddit is still the source of most communities. GitHub claims to be the place where software is born, and rightfully so.

What about AI? Hugging Face stands as an AI equivalent to GitHub with several Pre-trained transformers and creative implementations of generative AI. It was there where I found Microsoft’s BioGPT and have since been looking to implement it to GregoryAI.

But let’s not be fooled, in the age of algorithms we are limited in our reach for new audiences and the people that could actually benefit from these creative solutions may not come across them.

Where do you find your communities?

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