What’s going on with OpenAI, Sam Altman and Microsoft? I have no idea and will not try to stitch up a theory like everyone else. Instead I just want to remind us all, and especially those who work in Public Relations, that this is the sort of conundrum where we’ll never know the truth.

Nobody knows what is going on behind the scenes and some details are so high level that we will never reach them. And if we do, we won’t be able to validate them.

We see the effects but not the causes. What we can say for sure is that Microsoft was able to gain an advantage by hiring Sam Altman. Or did they?

Sam Altman returns as CEO of Open AI — The Verge

Art is one step ahead of technology

I have been binge watching Pantheon, it goes quite a few levels higher than all the AI fiction we have seen since the 90’s. The story takes place in a world where people’d consciousness can be uploaded to a server. A similar idea to the book Accelerando by Charles Stross, but taking place in a near future and dealing with problems that are more familiar to us.

An uploaded consciousness is still a person? What’s the difference between an upload intelligence and an artificial intelligence? Does a Human Person inside a computer have equal rights as those outside a computer?

Your AI tools for this week

https://www.athenic.com/, is a service for enterprises that promises “Mission critical insights, in seconds, not days”.

https://shopwisely.ai/, is a chrome extension that will sumarisse the Amazon reviews for a product listing pros and cons. Here we need to keep in mind that this implies all reviews are genuine.

https://finchat.io/, “FinChat is ChatGPT for investors. FinChat accurately provides verified data on public companies.” I don’t really have the knowledge to evaluate their results but it’s another way for AI to make companies more transparent.